Clerk of the Circuit Court Gary Clemens Taps Deputy Clerk to Lead Probate Division

On September 1, 2023, Deputy Clerk Bill Loy retired after 49 years of service in the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office.  Loy served as the probate manager for Clerk of the Circuit Court Gary M. Clemens for the past 22 years. “Bill was a valuable public servant and offered the best probate services in the entire Commonwealth of Virginia,” stated Clemens. “Loudoun residents were truly well-served by this outstanding public servant.”

Clemens recently selected the next probate manager for his office by promoting Deputy Clerk Joy Hayes for this valuable post in his office. Hayes has worked as a deputy clerk for the past 18 years, serving as a probate specialist for the past 9 years.  During her tenure, the volume of probate cases and proceedings has increased 33% and some probate matters are also more complex.  “Joy Hayes has demonstrated exceptional knowledge and expertise with the delivery of probate services to Loudoun residents,” stated Clemens after announcing her promotion to this leadership post in his office. “While Joy has many strengths and talents to lead this team, her most important virtue is her sincere and genuine empathy for individuals going through a very challenging and stressful situation in their life after losing a loved one.”

In addition to appointing a new manager for the probate division, Clemens has plans to launch a new probate technology system that will enhance probate services.  He also recently added a new full-time position to the probate team.  “In light of the 33% growth in probate cases, an additional position is necessary to address the needs of our probate clients,” Clemens said. “We have the best probate team in Virginia and I want to make sure this valuable team has all the essential resources to continue offering these premium services.”

Hayes is ready to take on the challenges and opportunities as the new probate manager for the Clerk’s Office.  “I am humbled and honored that Clerk Clemens is giving me this opportunity to lead a great team of public servants.  My goal is to build upon a strong foundation established by a great team in the Clerk’s Office and expand our probate client services,” Hayes said.  Hayes began her new management role on October 1 and began her new role by hiring a new probate specialist last week.  “I am fortunate to have a great staff that truly understands our mission in service to our probate clients.”