Leesburg Man Faces Serious Charges for Shoplifting Spree

The Leesburg Police Department has apprehended a man linked to a series of shoplifting incidents across the area. Clarence Wiggins, a 34-year-old with no fixed address, is now facing multiple counts of larceny following his alleged involvement in thefts at several local stores, including the Virginia ABC stores, 7-11, New Balance, and Nike.

The arrest came to fruition on March 15, 2024, when Leesburg police officers were called to the New Balance store at The Leesburg Premium Outlets following reports of a theft. Wiggins was accused of stealing a pair of shoes and was found by the police in the vicinity of the outlet. Despite attempting to flee on foot, he was quickly apprehended.

Beyond the charge related to the New Balance incident, Wiggins has been slapped with additional charges covering a spree of thefts at various Leesburg retail locations. His actions not only highlight the challenges faced by local law enforcement in curbing retail crime but also raise questions about the measures in place to protect businesses from such activities.

Currently, Wiggins is being held at the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center without bond, awaiting further legal proceedings. His arrest brings to light the persistent issue of shoplifting and its impact on the local economy and safety. As the community awaits the outcome of this case, there is a renewed focus on enhancing security measures and supporting law enforcement efforts to deter such crimes.