Leesburg Police Partners with Advance Auto Parts to Offer Repair Gift Cards Instead of Tickets

Leesburg, VA (December 6, 2023) – In a collaborative effort to assist local motorists, the Leesburg Police Department has partnered with the Leesburg Advance Auto Parts store at 548 East Market Street. This unique initiative involves Advance Auto Parts donating $1,500 in $25 gift cards to the police department, aimed at aiding drivers with vehicle repairs.

Officers often encounter motorists with equipment issues, like malfunctioning headlights or brake lights, during routine traffic stops. Thanks to Advance Auto Parts’ contribution, officers can now offer a $25 gift card to help address these issues, providing an alternative to issuing equipment violation tickets.

Robert Riggs, District Manager of Advance Auto Parts, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, emphasizing the importance of well-maintained vehicle equipment for road safety. The collaboration is seen as a step towards enhancing community safety and the company is eager to see the positive outcomes.

Leesburg Police Chief Thea Pirnat highlighted the timing of the initiative, noting its launch during the holiday season when financial strains are common. The aim is to ease the financial burden of necessary vehicle repairs for motorists.

The distribution of these gift cards, redeemable both in-store and online, is set to start immediately and will be at the discretion of the police officers. Recipients are encouraged to use the gift cards promptly to ensure their vehicles are safe for road use.

LPD and Advance Auto Group Photo 1

LPD and Advance Auto Group Photo 2