Leesburg Receives $3 Million Federal Boost for Critical Utility Upgrades

Leesburg, VA—In a significant development for its public utilities, the Town of Leesburg has secured $3.04 million in federal funds to enhance its utility infrastructure. The grant will be used for the installation of backup power generators at two key facilities managed by the Town’s Department of Utilities: the Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF) and a water booster pump station.

This funding, originating from a meticulously prepared grant application by the Town’s Utilities and Emergency Management departments, aims to bolster the resilience of Leesburg’s utility systems. By ensuring that these facilities have reliable backup power, the town can maintain critical water and wastewater services even during power outages.

The investment includes the construction of a new generator at the WPCF to support anticipated upgrades for solids handling. This generator will not only provide the necessary power for the upcoming facilities but will also help sustain the operation of the Town’s reclaimed water system. Additionally, the funding will replace a portable generator at the water booster pump station with a more robust, automatically starting stationary unit.

Alex Fitch, Emergency Management Coordinator, emphasized the importance of the upgrade, noting, “Investing in a backup power supply enhances the resilience of water infrastructure against disasters, protecting public health and ensuring the well-being of the community.”

Previously scheduled in the Town’s Capital Improvements Program for future implementation, these upgrades have been expedited thanks to the federal grant. The funding breakdown includes $2.85 million allocated directly for the installation of the two generator systems and an additional $190,000 set aside for related personnel and administrative costs.

Leesburg provides water and sewer services to about 58,500 customers, underlying the critical nature of these enhancements. Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner highlighted the importance of the funding in a joint statement: “Access to safe, reliable water and dependable wastewater management is a necessity. We’re glad this funding will help ensure the people of Leesburg can maintain access to clean water during emergencies.”