Leesburg Students Explore Municipal Careers in ‘Job for a Day’ Program

Job for a Day students hearing from Town Manager

Leesburg, VA – November 7, 2023 – In an enlightening collaboration between the Town of Leesburg’s Department of Economic Development and Loudoun County Public Schools, eleven local high school juniors and seniors gained firsthand experience in municipal careers through the “Job for a Day” program on Monday.

The program, aimed at giving students a taste of various professional roles and responsibilities, kicked off with an introduction to Mayor Kelly Burk and Town Manager Kaj Dentler. Participants then delved into an educational tour of 11 different Town departments, choosing one to shadow for the afternoon. This immersive experience allowed students to assess if their personal and academic interests align with potential career paths in local government.

Melanie Scoggins, Assistant Director of Economic Development, emphasized the dual benefits of the program. It not only fosters future workforce development but also offers employers valuable insights into the aspirations and perspectives of upcoming talent. This, she noted, aids in crafting appealing recruitment strategies.

The Department of Economic Development’s initiative had three key goals: providing a comprehensive overview of career opportunities in local government, elucidating the functions and significance of various departments, and facilitating networking opportunities for students keen on public service careers.

Feedback from the students indicated a reinforced interest in specific career fields, coupled with a newfound appreciation for the breadth of opportunities in local government. According to Scoggins, the program bridged classroom learning with real-world applications, enhancing students’ understanding of municipal operations and the role they can play in community development.