Leesburg Town Council Approves Rezoning for Data Centers at Village at Leesburg

VAL D and E map


In a significant development for Leesburg’s future landscape, the Town Council has given the green light for a rezoning application that paves the way for the construction of data centers, along with other industrial and research park facilities, at the Village at Leesburg. This decision, involving two undeveloped parcels within the Village at Leesburg Land Bays D&E, marks a pivotal shift towards accommodating more technology and research-oriented infrastructure in the area.

Springfield East, LC, the applicant behind this initiative, has been granted permission to revise the existing concept plan and proffers, enabling the development of data centers and additional uses that fall within the I-1 (Industrial/Research Park) zoning district’s purview. These parcels are strategically located across from the existing residential and commercial zones in the Village at Leesburg, bordered by Crosstrail Boulevard, Russell Branch Parkway, and near the Luck Stone quarry.

The rezoning does not limit the property to data center use alone but opens the door for a variety of industrial applications permitted under the new zoning classification. To mitigate the impact of development and contribute to community amenities, Springfield East, LC, has committed to several proffers. These include extending the Tuscarora Creek Trail, providing additional funds for recreational use by the town, and enhancing the area with tree plantings and other landscaping efforts.

Despite the council’s majority support, reflecting the proposal’s alignment with the Legacy Leesburg Town Plan and zoning regulations, Council Member Kari Nacy cast a dissenting vote. This decision underscores the ongoing dialogue about growth, development, and the preservation of Leesburg’s character and environment.