Leesburg Town Council Greenlights New Mural at Premium Outlets

Leesburg, VA — The Leesburg Town Council recently approved the installation of a new mural at the Leesburg Premium Outlets, set to enhance the entrance of this popular shopping destination. Created by local artist Leilani Romero, the mural will feature vibrant depictions of Leesburg life, including scenes of King Street complete with coffee, a dog, local shops, and distinctive architecture. Symbols of Virginia—like the Cardinal, the American Dogwood, and the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly—will also be highlighted, alongside cherry blossoms that nod to Eastern aesthetics.

Leilani Romero, who is also a Leesburg business owner, expressed her excitement about the project. “This mural encompasses symbols of what makes our town one of the favorites in all of Virginia,” Romero said. “I’m honored to create for our community, and I look forward to seeing people interact with the mural, making memories and becoming a part of the art.”

The decision to select Romero’s design came after considerable deliberation by the marketing team at the outlets. “Lelani’s design captivated our attention due to its multi-faceted representation of downtown Leesburg and the varied activities it encompasses,” explained Paola Zelaya, director of marketing and business development at the outlets.

This mural is part of the Leesburg Private Property Mural Program, which was initiated in March 2022. The program allows the town to rent suitable exterior walls from property owners for mural installations. Romero’s artwork, which was recommended by the Town’s Commission on Public Art, will be the second mural completed under this initiative. The first was installed at the Virginia Village Shopping Center in December 2022.

Work on the new mural is scheduled to begin following the completion of an agreement with the artist and is expected to be completed this summer. The project is fully funded by the Leesburg Premium Outlets.