Leesburg Town Council Implements New Utility Rate Plan with Focus on Sustainability and Assistance

Leesburg, VA – In a significant move, the Leesburg Town Council has officially adopted a new five-year utility rate plan, set to commence on July 1, 2024. This decision, taken after extensive consultation with NewGen Strategies and Solutions, LLC, and incorporating feedback from three public hearings, marks a pivotal step in ensuring the financial self-sufficiency and operational resilience of the town’s water and sewer services.

Under the new rate plan, the median residential customer can expect an annual rate increase of 4.1%, starting from Fiscal Year 2025. This gradual increase, extending through to Fiscal Year 2029, is designed to align with three core principles: ensuring that the water and sewer enterprise fund remains financially independent without tax dollar usage, maintaining adequate reserves for unexpected contingencies, and covering the costs associated with service, maintenance, and infrastructure renewal to comply with regulatory standards.

Utilities Director Amy Wyks, addressing the rate adjustments, emphasized, “While we understand the implications of utility rate increases for our users, this carefully structured five-year plan is crucial for meeting the system’s maintenance needs, providing adequate staffing, and preparing for future demand.”

In a related development, the Town Council has also taken a proactive step in establishing a financial assistance program for utility customers facing economic hardships. An initial allocation of $100,000 will serve as seed money for this program, which aims to support customers struggling to pay their water and sewer bills. Eligibility criteria and policy guidelines are currently being finalized and are expected to be presented in spring, coinciding with the initiation of the new rate plan.

This balanced approach by the Leesburg Town Council demonstrates a commitment to both the sustainability of essential services and the wellbeing of its residents.