Leesburg Ulta Theft Leads to Felony Charges for Maryland Couple

Leesburg, VA – In a significant development in an organized retail theft investigation, Roxana Dumitru, 29, and Ionut-Robert Ionescu, 30, of Laurel, Maryland, have been charged with grand larceny and larceny with intent to sell. These charges relate to a high-value shoplifting incident at the Leesburg Ulta in October last year, marking a notable case for local law enforcement.

On the afternoon of October 27, 2023, Leesburg Police responded to a shoplifting report at Ulta on Village Market Boulevard. The suspects, later identified as Dumitru and Ionescu, allegedly made off with over $6,400 worth of merchandise. The investigation, which drew on the resources of multiple law enforcement agencies, uncovered a broader pattern of theft. Authorities estimate the couple’s involvement in retail thefts exceeding $158,000 across Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina.

Leesburg Police Chief Thea Pirnat emphasized the broader impact of such crimes, stating, “Every stolen item represents more than just a loss for businesses; it impacts the livelihoods of hardworking individuals and jeopardizes the economic health of our community.”

Collaboration between Ulta Loss Prevention, Homeland Security Investigations, Prince George’s County Police Department, and the Buena Park Police Department was crucial in identifying and apprehending the suspects.

Dumitru was arrested on January 26, 2024, in Prince George’s County, Maryland, while Ionescu was apprehended a day later in Orange County, California. Both are currently held in detention centers awaiting extradition to Virginia.

This case sheds light on the challenges faced by local businesses and law enforcement in dealing with organized retail theft—a concern that extends beyond individual stores to affect the economic fabric of communities like Leesburg.