Leesburg Welcomes Patricia Taylor Holz’s Art Exhibit at Town Hall

Town Hall Art Exhibit

In the heart of Leesburg, Virginia, the Commission on Public Art (COPA) has introduced a captivating new art exhibit within the welcoming confines of the Leesburg Town Hall, located at 25 West Market Street. This exhibit proudly showcases the diverse and vibrant works of Patricia Taylor Holz, an artist whose roots stretch from the Caribbean coast of Panama to the local community of Loudoun County.

With a collection of 34 paintings, Holz’s exhibit offers a window into various scenes and subjects, ranging from serene landscapes and wineries to the dynamic underwater world of sea life. A highlight of the exhibit includes her much-acclaimed selfie wings, providing a unique interactive experience for visitors.

An open house event scheduled for Friday, March 1, from 5 to 7 p.m., stands as an open invitation for the public to meet Holz and explore her artwork. The event promises not only a visual feast but also an opportunity to take home a piece of the experience, with prints, coloring books, and wearable art available for purchase. The exhibit is set to grace the first floor of the Town Hall through May 2024, offering ample time for local residents and visitors to engage with the art.

The venue for this exhibit, the first-floor lobby and hallway of Leesburg Town Hall, is known for its rotating displays that highlight the talent of Leesburg and Loudoun artists. It represents the town’s ongoing commitment to fostering a vibrant cultural scene and supporting local artists. For those artists aspiring to display their work in this esteemed space, inquiries can be directed to Leah Kosin, the staff liaison to COPA, underscoring the town’s welcoming approach to new talent.

Patricia Taylor Holz, with a rich background that spans a B.A. in Studio Art and a minor in Theatre from Florida State University, as well as an MFA in Set/Costume Design from the University of Michigan, brings a diverse and seasoned perspective to her art. Her career has spanned teaching roles at prestigious institutions, contributions to community art, and recognition for her murals and designs, including the celebrated 1823 Weiss Home mural and the Masters of Foxhounds Association’s ground-level mural, alongside fellow artist Penny Hauffe.

This exhibit not only highlights the rich tapestry of Holz’s career and artistic contributions but also reinforces Leesburg’s dedication to celebrating and promoting local art. For more information on Patricia Taylor Holz and her work, visitors are encouraged to explore www.pthvisualarts.com.