Leesburg’s Latest Addition: Rehab 2 Perform Merges Fitness with Physical Therapy

Leesburg, Virginia, celebrated a significant addition to its local health and fitness landscape with the grand opening of Rehab 2 Perform (R2P) on Thursday, February 1. This innovative facility, situated at 38 Catoctin Circle SE, Suite C, introduces a unique approach to physical therapy and athletic training, blending the rigor of an athletic training room with the accessibility of a fitness center.

Unlike conventional medical facilities, R2P prides itself on a dynamic environment filled with a wide array of equipment and turf areas designed to foster quick recovery and peak performance. This hybrid model combines the best of physical therapy and personal training, offering tailored solutions to enhance movement, increase physicality, and support performance across all aspects of life.

Dr. Josh Funk, the Founder and CEO of R2P, expressed his enthusiasm about joining the Loudoun County community and bringing a fresh perspective to physical rehabilitation. Drawing from his personal experience with a sports injury, Funk emphasized the need for a more engaging and athlete-focused rehab environment. “It’s awesome to be able to be a part of the Loudoun County community, to be in Leesburg,” Funk said. His vision for R2P was inspired by his journey to recovery without surgery, highlighting the lack of suitable rehab options that understood the needs of athletes.

R2P’s mission goes beyond traditional therapy; it aims to reduce the risk of re-injury and equip individuals with the necessary tools for an active lifestyle. The services offered at R2P include sports rehabilitation, physical therapy, concussion care, and nutrition, addressing a comprehensive range of needs for athletes and active individuals.

Rehab 2 Perform is not just a facility but a movement towards redefining physical therapy and training in Leesburg, ensuring that community members have access to innovative care designed with their performance and lifestyle goals in mind.

For more information about Rehab 2 Perform and its services, please visit their website at https://rehab2perform.com/.