Loudoun and Leesburg Reach Annexation Agreement for 400 Acre Compass Creek Tract

In a significant move for Loudoun County and the Town of Leesburg, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors has greenlit a landmark agreement that will pave the way for the annexation of over 400 acres of land, a tract known as Compass Creek. This decision, reached during the board’s meeting on February 6, 2024, marks the culmination of years of negotiations that began back in 2019, aiming to resolve boundary line disputes concerning this strategically located land.

Compass Creek, nestled south of the current town limits, east of the Dulles Greenway, and adjacent to Leesburg Executive Airport, is poised for considerable development, including retail spaces and a number of proposed data centers. The agreement stipulates several key terms ensuring both the town’s growth and protection of property owners’ rights. Notably, only those property owners who voluntarily agree in writing will be annexed into Leesburg, safeguarding against forced incorporation. Furthermore, Leesburg will emerge as the primary utility provider for these newly incorporated areas, promising the elimination of out-of-town differential rates for water and sewer services.

An interesting aspect of the agreement is Leesburg’s commitment to abstain from seeking “city status” until at least 2057 and to halt adversarial annexation proceedings for the next 25 years. This move is seen as a gesture towards maintaining harmony and collaborative growth with Loudoun County. Additionally, the county has agreed to contribute $2 million annually, adjusted for inflation, to support economic development within the Joint Land Management Area outside Leesburg’s limits.

The agreement’s final approval now hinges on the Leesburg Town Council’s endorsement, followed by a review from Virginia’s Commission on Local Government. This review process includes a public hearing and a report assessing the agreement’s alignment with public interest. Ultimately, a specially appointed three-member court by the Supreme Court of Virginia will have the final say. Both Leesburg and Loudoun County are optimistic about securing approval from this special court by the end of 2024, with provisions in place for the agreement to take effect shortly after court affirmation.

This agreement represents a pivotal step towards strategic development and cooperative governance in Loudoun County, underscoring a shared commitment to economic growth and community welfare.