Loudoun County Unveils Modern Courthouse: A Blend of Progress and Tradition

Excitement buzzes through Loudoun County as the doors of the new General District Courthouse are set to swing open for the public on Tuesday, October 31, 2023. Nestled at 2 Church Street NE in Leesburg, this state-of-the-art facility sits adjacent to the existing courthouse, augmenting the historic charm of our town center.

In a move that marks a significant expansion, the Loudoun County Courthouse Complex now embraces three judicial pillars: the spanking new General District Courthouse, the mainstay Loudoun County Courthouse, and the venerable Charles Hamilton Houston Courthouse.

This development reached a crescendo with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Wednesday evening, a festive affair that celebrated the courthouse’s impending launch. The transition is in full swing, with the General District Court, Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney, and Department of Community Corrections orchestrating their move to the new premises.

While this shuffle is underway, the Loudoun County Courthouse at 18 E. Market Street stands its ground as the home base for the Circuit Court, Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court, and other key judicial services. Residents can stay abreast of these changes and access vital court-related information on the county’s dedicated web page, loudoun.gov/courts, which will be updated synchronously with the new building’s inauguration.

Amidst these shifts, the Department of Community Corrections will centralize its Leesburg operations within the lower level of the new edifice. This consolidation entails the permanent closure of current facilities, including the Probation Services and Pretrial Services, sealing their doors on October 27 and October 30, respectively. Details surrounding these changes are readily available at loudoun.gov/communitycorrections.

Simultaneously, the Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney will plant its roots in the new courthouse, promising a streamlined experience for staff and community interactions. As part of this relocation, the historical Valley Bank Building, the office’s previous abode, is slated for closure on October 30, awaiting a transformative renovation. Curious constituents can learn more at loudoun.gov/commonwealthsattorney.

Navigating this expanded courthouse complex may seem daunting. Hence, visitors are urged to pinpoint their destination within the complex and allocate sufficient time for parking, transit, and security checks. Courtesy shuttle services on weekdays and details about accessible parking options add to the convenience, ensuring a stress-free visit. Guidance for these logistics, along with courthouse etiquettes, security protocols, and ADA accommodations, is comprehensively outlined at loudoun.gov/courthouse.

This courthouse unveiling is a milestone within the broader Courts Complex Expansion project, reflecting the county’s commitment to accessible justice through enhanced facilities. The project, spanning the erection of the 92,000-square-foot courthouse and the inception of additional parking amenities, signals progressiveness.

As our community anticipates this new chapter, the project’s next stages are already in motion, focusing on the refurbishment of longstanding judicial structures. Through these endeavors, Loudoun County reaffirms its dedication to fostering a judicial environment that resonates with efficiency, dignity, and respect for its historic foundation.