Snowy Canvas: Leesburg’s Young Artists Transform Plows into Masterpieces

2023 Snow Plow Artwork

Leesburg, VA – This fall, the Leesburg Commission on Public Art (COPA) and Friends of Leesburg Public Arts (FOLPA) are giving a warm shout-out to chilly creativity! They’re calling on the community to cast their votes for the most artistic snow plow in town, following submissions from young local talents.

Earlier this year, in the frosty month of February, students from across our cozy corners of Leesburg were beckoned to unleash their creativity in a vibrant “Paint the Plow” competition, a project that integrates functional town equipment with artistic expression. Keeping with the theme “Around the Town,” students from Catoctin, Cool Spring, and Leesburg elementary schools put their paintbrushes to work, transforming ordinary snow plows into stunning visuals reflective of our community’s spirit.

Now, it’s your turn, Leesburg! With the competition as fiery as the autumn leaves, residents can ensure their favorite snowy masterpiece wins by voting online. The digital ballot box opened at is awaiting your input until the stroke of midnight on October 31, just in time for a Halloween treat!

The stakes? Bragging rights, a spotlight in the upcoming Leesburg Kiwanis Halloween Parade, and a feature role in the Town’s Christmas and Holiday parade. Not just a pretty sight, the winning plows will also be front and center, battling snow on our streets throughout winter. And the rewards are snowballing; the school behind the most popular plow design will receive a cool $500 for their program. Not to be left in the cold, the second place will enjoy $250, and the third place will cozy up with $100.

So, before these plows get to work clearing the way, let your voice clear the path to victory for these young artists. The winning design will be revealed on November 1, making a splash in local news and hearts alike. Don’t miss your chance to be part of Leesburg’s winter wonder – vote now!