Step Back in Time: Leesburg’s Revolutionary War Walking Tour Led by Local Historian

In the heart of Leesburg, a unique opportunity to delve into the rich tapestry of American history awaits locals and history enthusiasts alike. On Saturday, March 16, at 10 a.m., local Historian Rich Gillespie will lead a captivating two-hour walking tour titled “Leesburg, Loudoun and the American Revolution,” offering participants a chance to step back in time and explore the revolutionary era’s local impact. The journey begins at the Thomas Balch Library parking lot, inviting participants to tread through history where the seeds of independence were sown.

Loudoun County, established in 1757 by the House of Burgesses, played a crucial role during the transformative 1770s. Known as part of the “Southern Back Country” beyond the fall line, Loudoun became a melting pot of European settlers from both Pennsylvania and Virginia’s Tidewater region. Gillespie’s tour promises to blend historical insight with the tangible remnants of the era, creating a vivid picture of the American Revolution’s local significance against the county’s historic backdrop.

Participants are advised to wear comfortable walking shoes, dress warmly, and bring water, ensuring a pleasant exploration of Leesburg’s revolutionary landscape. With only 50 spots available, those interested are encouraged to pre-register by calling 703-737-7195, emailing, or registering online to secure their place in this immersive historical experience.

Rich Gillespie, a revered figure in Loudoun’s educational and historical circles, brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to this tour. Having dedicated years to teaching history in the county and serving as Historian Emeritus for the Virginia Piedmont Heritage Area, Gillespie’s expertise and enthusiasm promise to make this walking tour an unforgettable journey through time.