Transforming Leesburg: Town Council Extends Mural Program, Calls for Commercial Property Participation

Leesburg, VA – January 10, 2024: In a move that underscores Leesburg’s commitment to public art and community engagement, the Town Council, following a decision made on Tuesday, has extended the Private Property Mural Pilot Program through December 2024. This initiative, overseen by the Commission on Public Art (COPA), is actively inviting private commercial property owners in the area to submit their wall spaces for consideration in this artistic venture.

The program is designed to foster a partnership between the Town and private property owners. Those selected will have the opportunity to feature a mural on their building façade, contributing to the cultural and visual landscape of Leesburg. It’s important to note that these murals are not intended as business advertisements but as artistic representations celebrating the chosen theme.

There are certain eligibility criteria for participation: the property must be a commercial one and located outside the H-1 Old and Historic District. The Town Council had initially approved the guidelines for this program on March 8, 2022, emphasizing its voluntary nature and compliance with established guidelines.

For those interested in participating, the deadline for submissions is fast approaching — Friday, February 2. Application requirements include detailed wall measurements and location, a descriptive proposal highlighting how the space could accommodate a mural, and the potential benefits of featuring a mural at the proposed site. Property owners are also required to provide images of the wall and their explicit consent for its use.

The submissions will undergo a review process by COPA in their meeting scheduled for February 5. Following the selection of a suitable wall, a separate “Call to Artists” will be issued to identify the creative minds who will bring these murals to life. It’s noteworthy that both the business submitting the wall and, if different, the property owner, will play a crucial role in the final selection of the mural design, possessing veto rights over the final artwork.

Those wishing to participate can send their submissions via email to or deliver them by hand to Leesburg Town Hall at 25 W Market Street, Leesburg, VA 20176, addressed to Leah Kosin. This program not only highlights Leesburg’s dedication to enhancing its urban aesthetic but also offers a unique opportunity for local businesses to engage with and contribute to the community’s cultural narrative.